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    Understanding Codependence and Independence

    Lately, I have been pondering over some questions that are very big in my life. I would love to hear the thoughts of more experienced poly-folk. Please feel free to answer any or all. I am very grateful for any help you can offer. 1. How likely do you think it is for someone with an...
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    Monogamous by circumstance\Where do I go now?

    Hello everyone, Approximately one year ago, I decided that I was polyamorous. I was dating someone at the time and it ended because of my choice. The chronicles of said relationship can be found here. After finding peace with my conviction, I moved on. I was not desperate to get into anything...
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    I have just chosen poly over a potential monogamous life mate. Whoa.

    Hi. I am new here and new to poly. Wow, that sounds crazy to say. Well, new in that I am finally taking action. I have struggled with the monogamous approach to relationships my entire life. It has been a long road that in the past two years of self-searching and educating has led me to where I...