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    Hi all - A while back I started a thread to help gather feedback for - a site aimed to become a sort of niche social network for poly folks. Lots of progress was had and tons of feedback from forum members made its way into the service. As cool as it was becoming, my own inexperience...
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    Motorcycles anyone?

    It hit 70 today here in DC (close to it anyways) and MAN, was it perfect. I took my love for her first proper spin of the year and cannot WAIT to take her out again this weekend. Anyone else here ride? Watcha ridin?
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    The Official Feedback/Development Thread

    Hi all - After a bit of private messaging and in-person networking, I've come to the conclusion that polyamory needs something akin to what offers for kinksters. An online community - not primarily a dating site - that allows individuals, couples, triads, and so on to meet and...
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    I have a question for the owner/admin of this forum - who should I speak to?
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    Triad dynamics - how common is jealousy?

    For those of you who have engaged in long-term triad relationships, how much of an issue was jealousy? How did you deal with it when it surfaced, if it surfaced?
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    Hello from DC :)

    I just stumbled across this site and I'm happy I did - everyone seems so helpful! I've been living a poly life for about two years without knowing it... after reading "The Ethical Slut" I was suddenly able to articulate my preferences :). Then I tried to find an online poly community and...