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    Other sites like this one?

    Hello everyone. I really like the discussion available on this site as well as the poly subs on Reddit. I recently learned about a new site going up at as well. So are there other sites out there that you guys frequent that are good for more of the types of discussions that take...
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    Saying Hello

    Hey everyone, I'm a 26M on the east coast of the United States. After a long term monogamous relationship ended in my SO cheating on me... I ended up researching non-monogamy/polyamory and it helped me cope, even though I don't consider cheating to be NM/poly. I didn't know about it before and...
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    Help/Insight/What am I?

    My post is very long. I'm going to cut it in half and post the second half as a reply because I ran into this limit with the fourm. "The text that you have entered is too long (12588 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long." This is going to be VERY long. Sorry!!! Please...