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    An Update

    Hi Everyone, Sorry I've been gone for so long; things have been pretty hectic and crazy around here. So this is an update to the thread you can find in the new to poly forum, but i figured i'd put it in here since it's kindof off topic but still on topic? If that makes any sense. Old thread...
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    Hi from North Texas!

    Hi! I'm TankDiveGirl from DFW.... I live full time with my wife, L, and we've recently opened up our family to my boyfriend, S. It's everyone's first experience with polyamory, and we've already found that the learning curve is pretty steep... but i do have to say that I've never felt so...
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    First Poly Relationship, Need Advice

    Hi everyone, I've got a little bit of a situation that I need some advice about, so maybe you guys can help? A little background: my wife L and I have been married for 2 years and together for 5. I have considered myself a lesbian identified bisexual for a really long time, and she has had...