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  1. Senga


    Hi :) Im a 22 bisexual ie: pansexual (and obviously poly) woman. Pretty healthy, I live in Buffalo NY, I like playing music, traveling, being outdoors, League of Legends computer game, and all other great stuff about life; I pretty much like anything except eggplant, but I do like baba ganoush...
  2. Senga

    Are you the couple for us?

    Hey! Do you want open minded lovers in your life? Want best friends that will be there for you no matter what? We would like to be the ones to fill that role. MF <3 FM <3 <3 <3 Im looking for a loving poly Quad relationship. That's 4 people. Two couples maybe? I am attracted to men &...
  3. Senga

    young mf couple ISO poly mf couple

    Hey, this is the female talking, I'm 21 healthy, attractive. My boyfriend is 28 & healthy too. We are what we like to call "day walkers" as in, we are closet nerds, but safe to walk around in the daylight undetected. :D I'm interested romantically in bi/lesbian/queer/pansexual girls & mf...
  4. Senga

    Atlanta, here I come! Join me!

    Hey all! I (& a few friends) are planning a trip to Atlanta soon. I would love to hang out with nice local polyamorous people! pm me for more info
  5. Senga

    Straight male & bi female seeking couple: Polyamory

    -Female; 21, 5'3, 116 lbs, bisexual/pansexual, green eyes, brunette. -Male; 28, 5'9, 150 lbs, straight, green eyes, brown hair. -Able to travel & relocate -We have no children, but we are kid-friendly :) -We have no pets, but we like most animals. -We are Drug & Disease free. Let me explain...
  6. Senga

    Hi! My process 2 polyamory & future

    My personal process to polyamory: A few years ago I was not a mature person. I thought that I was already a mature person through my experiences with abuse growing up. I was probably more mature than some others in my age group. The truth is that at times I could be selfish, controlling, lazy...
  7. Senga

    young poly couple want friends

    -Young couple Agnes 20, Ryan 27. We are a long-term and deeply committed couple that does not want to have the legal institution of marriage. We have some experience with polyamory. -We are interested to create or join in a triad or triangle, V, N, or quad (couple) -We would enjoy the...