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  1. Spork

    News worth sharing!

    I'm just popping in to share some news, since I've been off a while... Zen and I are planning our wedding, in July, at the Thunder in the Mountains kink convention. And for those of you familiar with such things... Midori has just agreed to officiate for us! *Incoherent happy noises!*
  2. Spork

    Cool finds, Artisans selling online

    Hey, I know that it is frowned upon (though I actually don't see anything against it in the User Guidelines...?) to use the forum to try and promote anything. I am going to go out on a limb here, I am hoping/guessing that since I'm not trying to promote my own business endeavor of any sort, I'm...
  3. Spork

    Things you love that went away- Nostalgia thread

    So I'm specifically NOT talking about people, or lovers, or anything like that. I mean random stuff. Ever been really into something, like it really brightened your life, and then it went away or they stopped making it or selling it? I'm having one of those moments, remembering a website...
  4. Spork

    Bad experiences, safety tips

    So I'd like to start a thread here where people can talk about things they've experienced or read or heard about that were legit BAD and share any tips to stay safe... This could be "I got conned by an identity thief in online dating, and if I knew then what I know now, I'd have avoided these...
  5. Spork


    I wanna talk about it!! I know lots of people think it's a bunch of baloney. I don't blame you, because it seems like superstitious nonsense to me if I think about it in a certain light. I've had to ponder WHY I like astrology. Because I do. I think it's because I like organizing ideas and...
  6. Spork

    Project on loneliness by alt-scene friend

    Hello! A friend of mine in the local poly/lifestyle/BDSM scene is a gifted writer and photographer, and he's doing a themed blog project on the subject of loneliness. You would think that, as polyamorists, lovers of more, we would not experience loneliness as much as others, but I don't think...
  7. Spork

    My thoughts on compersion

    So I think in analogies, especially early in the morning, and especially in the shower. I can't explain it, so don't ask, that's just how it is. This morning, my thoughts were on an incident where a cute gal at a bar get together was all over my Sadist. I reacted with a sort of raised eyebrow...
  8. Spork

    DENVER ComicCon AND Pride!!

    The same weekend, June 17-19, will see Denver Comic Con at the Convention Center and Pride at the Civic Center Park, mere blocks from one another. So... - The traffic in that area will be impossible. You've been warned. - The shenanigans and costumes will be unreal. I imagine that after...
  9. Spork

    Casual love--YES, PLEASE.

    This. This, this, this, THIS. ^^^ I want to do like a standing ovation for this blog post, but I'm at work and my coworkers would look at me very strangely if I did. My whole life, I have felt this way. Why in the heck does someone...
  10. Spork

    Is Poly Right for You? To sum up the main points (you can read the article if you want further explanations) and my own personal answers to 'em.... 1. Do you want an open relationship? 2. Is your relationship stable and happy? I...
  11. Spork

    Getting to know people / Dreams

    I have some things I like to find out about people as I am getting to know them. So in this thread, feel free to either: - Suggest things you say or ask as you're getting to know someone... - Share opinions on the questions that I, or another poster, might ask... - Answer any of the questions...
  12. Spork

    Rocky Mountain Poly Conference

    April 15-17 in Denver, CO. Info here:
  13. Spork

    Taming Your Mammoth

    This article has nothing to do with polyamory specifically. I am sharing it here because part of being successfully fact, part of being successful at anything PERIOD, especially relationships, is being ~self aware~. What does that even mean? It's a challenge. Well, in talks...
  14. Spork


    I like weird quotes. I kind of collect them in my head. Many from kids, as opposed to those serious adult motivational or inspirational quotes we always hear... Anyhow I'd like to hear some of your favorites, even if they are just silly things that someone said and you remembered...
  15. Spork

    Colorado Springs Poly Get Together- TOMORROW

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 6:30 - 9:00 PM Voodoo Leatherworks (entrance to the rear/downstairs level of building, parking off of Race St.--NOT in the Dance Hall lot in front.) 2422 W. Busch, Colorado Springs Free Vanilla Casual attire (this is a social event, not a play party) This is our...
  16. Spork

    My limited experience with jealousy

    Jealousy is a topic I have a difficult time discussing with many people I know, especially those who are trying to wrap their minds around poly, seeing from a place of complete mono thinking and behavior. One of these recent conversations has me thinking... In my poly group, the main quad...
  17. Spork

    The story of Spork.

    Life as it stands right now-- Cast of characters: Me, Spork, 37 year old bi, poly, masochistic, extroverted snarky miniature lady person. Ex: Old Wolf, 48 year old straight, mono, grouchy pessemistic veteran. Son1: Ninja, nearly 17, will likely stay with Dad. Son2: Q, 14, will likely stay with...
  18. Spork

    Also Poly, also in Colorado Springs. :)

    Hi! High? No. Even though I live in Colorado! Or rather only in the sense of being like 6,000 feet up, maybe... I'm here because I was on another forum, about relationships, and found myself talking about my own experiences, and it got to the point where...because my situation is odd and my...