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  1. JessicaBurde

    Suggestions for a Poly Resource Library

    Hey folks, I haven't been around much lately (life stuff went crazy), but I'm starting a new project and hoping folks here can help me out. I write Polyamory on Purpose, a blog about the practical side of poly life. I'm finally ready to start putting together a resource library on the website...
  2. JessicaBurde

    Polyamory Legal Challenges

    Given the discussions about poly marriage, I figured this would be a good time to start a blog series about legal issues poly folk need to deal with. Comments, questions, and additional info are all welcome.
  3. JessicaBurde

    Interesting Points about "Getting the Government Out of Marriage"

    "Why privatizing marriage would be a disaster"
  4. JessicaBurde

    Book/Webcomic recommendations (LGT poly)

    Hey folks. I'm trying to collect some lists of fictional media with lesbian, gay or trans poly relationships. (I have bisexual poly coming out the wazoo!) Anyone have any suggestions? And genre, any media. Suggestions for asexual or other minority sexual orientations also welcome. Thanks guys!
  5. JessicaBurde

    Polyamory and Mental Illness: New Blog Series

    The Polyamory and Mental Illness blog series starts today on Polyamory on Purpose. I'll be covering everything what basic facts of mental illness, to supporting poly partners with mental illness, to (some of) the many and varied ways mental illness can impact poly relationships. The...
  6. JessicaBurde

    Hello from PA

    Hi all, My name is Jessica Burde, I'm the author of the Polyamory on Purpose blog and Polyamory and Pregnancy book (published in 2013). I apparently had an account on here that I completely forgot about, and re-discovered the site when someone linked to my blog. Currently I am in a long term...