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    NRE versus Intimacy

    I recently was referred to a book, "The Dance with Intimacy", by Harriet Lerner. I have not bought it yet but managed to find a blurb online. I actually emailed the following to my hubby and C. Neither of them seemed to 'get' what I was trying to say by sending this. Please have a quick...
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    Definition Help - Triad versus V

    Hi there, So our story is one where we met a friend of a friend at the pub, back in March. My hubby, me (the wife) and her, all hit it off famously. She and I ended up hanging out together A LOT. One night at a dinner party, we were the last to leave and she came up to both of us, turned to me...
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    The Polly Roller Coaster

    Hi all...I am new to the Polly lifestyle and to this forum. Thank you for letting me chime in. Our adventure started about 6 months ago when a friend introduced another girl friend to us while we were at a pub. Her and I (the wife) hit it off famously, and soon we were going for runs and bike...