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  1. AphroditeGoneAwry

    I believe God is not opposed to Polygamy and Polyandry

    But I pretty much don't wanna share. Unless I am 2nd wife or something.
  2. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Poly, Structured

    I am poly. But I don't necessarily thrive as poly in any situation. I'm coming to discover that if certain conditions are met within my relationship(s), I can thrive as poly, but without certain conditions, I don't do so well as poly. Does that make sense? I'll try to explain better. I...
  3. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Aphrodite Gone Awry

    The ritual began a few hours before she was to leave. The children had been gone a while, off to their father's for the night and most of the morrow. She was pleased she got Saturday nights free. She had never been one to take that freedom for herself. When married, he was usually the one...
  4. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hey All~

    I am Aphrodite and this seems like a nice place. :) Polyamorists seem to have a higher than normal intelligence, and I like that. :p I have identified as poly since I was about 29 or so, when I fell in love with one of my best friends, while I was married to my husband. It didn't really go...