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    Seeing the Other Side?

    I saw this story and, while not exactly mine, resonated very strongly with me. The comments were all...well, I'd like to see opinions here first. "Hi. This is a very long post and I apologise that I can't keep it shorter, but I don't want to generalise too much. If you don't feel the long...
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    Exploring Poly? Or Being Yourself?

    This is in response to many, many posts I have seen lately. Here and other places. I dislike the idea of "exploring poly." To me, that makes one's "polyness" a distant entity; like those people who talk about "protecting their marriage," not "protecting the woman I care about." It's not the...
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    Does anyone know of poly events in Sydney?
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    Dispelling Myths: Poly as a Competition

    First of a number of issues that have been bothering me: Whenever I tell people my partner is poly, I say, "And his wife knows..." and they're kind of okay, and then "And she has a boyfriend." And they breathe a sigh of relief. Then they ask if I have another boyfriend (heteronormative...
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    Taking it to the next level

    It's kind of weird; in monogamy, one goes from dating to boyfriend/girlfriend to spouse. In poly, you just get more entwined. What I'm really curious about is how you moved from the "boyfriend/girlfriend" phase to the "spouse" phase. Especially if your partner was already married/living...
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    Mono Vs. Poly

    I was discussing the concepts, oh, I wish I remember who posted it now, but basically breaking mono and poly down the following way: Monoamory: emotional/romantic connection with one person Polyamory: emotional/romantic connection with more than one person at the same time Monosexual...
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    "Straight monogamous people have lives. Everyone else has 'lifestyles'." That might be the only thing I got from Sister Wives :) But, screw it, I'm not going to call being "poly" or "kinky" a lifestyle anymore. Token gay guy from Sister Wives is right.
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    What happens if it's too early?

    I know you're supposed to wait until your marriage/relationship is strong before you open it up? But what happens if you just open it too early and don't realize? What if you only realize all the insecurities AFTER one of the parties in the couple meets someone? Basically, how do you KNOW...
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    Found this on Reddit; what is poly?

    "I see there being two tribes of polyfolk. There are the polyfolk for whom poly means "everyone should be free to arrange their relationships however they see fit"--which means that boundaries are A-OK as long as they are mutually negotiated. I think this is probably the more common. These are...
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    First Date

    So, for the fun of it, I'm posting here: My partner is going to a party, tomorrow night, with this new girl. First date. I've met her before, we clicked on a friendship level. Both he and I are open to the idea of her being with both of us, though obviously that has to be her decision :)...
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    When Poly Works...

    The relevant thread convoluted... :) I am Poly because: I found a relationship that makes me feel better than anything else ever has. I realized I don't care if he's with someone else, so long as my needs are met. I realized the sort of person who is good at one relationship is good at many...
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    Why is it so Bad?

    I hear a lot of people saying you have to protect kids from new partners. You don't want them connecting, and then losing them from their lives. I get that with, say, a divorced parent whose specifically seeking a romantic partner. But what's so wrong with the kids being used to seeing...
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    Unpleasant Situations

    Tonight, my partner is doing something very nice for his significant other (the one who was there before me). And, before, this would have made me happy...and I still am happy for him, genuinely, because he enjoys romantic gestures like this (and this is a pricy one!). But I know she won't...
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    Marriage Counseling

    I recently have seen a few advise marriage counseling in desperate situations. I don't disagree with the advice, but does that ever actually work? By which I mean, do you know of any relationships, personally, that have benefited from this. Also, are there poly friendly counselors that...
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    Why Be Unhappy?

    I'm not sure if this is a poly question, but it can be affected by being poly.... Why do people stay in unhappy relationships? I feel like monogamy-minded folks think there is one true love...if they found it, they have to keep it and make it work somehow (or, something, I don't know, I just...
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    Practical Tips (for when you do it right :)

    So, I'm not going to pretend I've got this whole thing under control, but, some days it just WORKS. An example: I had plans with a friend this Thursday, so I told Jason that I had plans that evening (I knew he wanted to see me) but I was free after dinner. He makes plans with a friend. It's...
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    Pleasing people

    A quick vent: Sometimes you can't EVER please certain people. Ugh.
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    Taking a Break

    I'm curious, and please don't be offended. I simply want to hear reasonings for the following: I've often seen advice given to people struggling with poly to "take a break from dating and focus on your relationship." Why would one feel the need for your partner to stop dating/stop...
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    Can anyone share their experiences with bringing an ex back into a poly relationship? Girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses.....?
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    Having your cake and eating it, too

    I noticed quite a few people, most susceptibly newbies to poly, who feel that being poly (usually in context of having a secure relationship and a new one), means "having your cake and eating it, too." Now, I may be alone here, but I don't believe I am at all. "Having your cake and eating it,"...