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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    My wife has been dating a new boyfriend for about 6 months now. He’s about 10 years younger than my wife who’s in her mid 30s and very adventurous. Super athletic and into travel and extreme sports. She can’t decide to get him a motorcycle (unsafe) vs a vacation to the islands for the two of...
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    Hi guys quick question. My wife says she wants to go on “sabbatical” with her boyfriend for two week at a resort in the Caribbean. It will give her a chance to recharge and take time away from all of her responsibilities. Overall I support the idea but am I missing something?
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    Hubby looking for bubby

    Hi Guys it’s been a while. My wife and I are a youngish couple in our 30s. She has been dating a few guys on and off for a while and has finally settled down with two great guys. This just leaves me with more time on my hands than I would like so I’m starting to date as well. I’m handsome...
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    What do you do about your wife and boyfriend texting constantly when they are not together? It's rude and I've talked to my wife about it and she just blows it off like I'm overreacting. I just find it very irritating. Advice?
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    30's Man in CT married, looking for GF

    Hello out there! Just thought I would put this up in case someone might be interested in meeting up for a coffee or a drink. I am in my late 30's and have been married for about 7 years. My wife has a boyfriend and has been dating for a couple of years. I am at the point now when I am ready to...
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    Now what

    Hi Guys, I have been on and off this sight for a few years now. We were really excited when my wife found a boyfriend. She broke up with him and met another man who she is now dating. He came over and spent the night for the first time last week and it went really well. My wife was over the...
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    Finding another boyfriend for my wife

    Hi Guys, Do you know of another way (other than online) for my wife to meet a relatively young (in his 20's) boyfriend who would be cool with her having a husband? She likes fit, young guys (what woman doesn't right?) and she feels creepy going to college bars. Any suggestions or are there any...
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    Anniversary gift for wife and boyfriend?

    Hey Guys, What's a good and appropriate gift for my wife and her boyfriend on their anniversary? A romantic getaway? A dinner out? Something material? Thoughts?
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    What do you guys now about hot wives and the men who love them?
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    Young married M looking for woman

    Hi Guys, I have been on this site for a while now. Since that time we have sought and found a boyfriend for my wife of 6 years. She is a wonderful woman and deserves all the happiness in the world. Her boyfriend has been great for her, our relationship, and our lives in general. But now the...
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    Wife's Date

    Hello Everyone, Our dream has finally come true (I have been trolling this site for a while and have even posted a few times). Tonite my wife is having her second alone date with a guy that she met at the beach. They have a lot of chemistry. They are going to meet in the next few minutes while...
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    Women in relationships with two men cooler now?

    We all know about the long standing double standard for men when it comes to "sleeping around" and being "good with the ladies". It's celebrated with high fives and respect. If a polyamorous man is in a relationship with two women it might be surprising for people in the mainstream but more or...
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    Young CT couple seeks young man or woman

    We are a happily married young couple looking to meet a young man or woman to get to know and possibly get involved in a relationship with in central CT. We are looking for someone who is pretty liberal, nice, laid back. No drugs. Decent education. Likes to laugh. A nice bod helps :) If you...
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    Any "straight laced" folks on here?

    Hey Guys, We have been on here for a while and we are wondering if there are other professional, fashion-loving, "straight-laced" folks on here. The stereotype is that poly folks are goth or a little odd. That's what we hear anyway. I'm sure there are all types out there, from the gamers, to...
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    Chicago couple looking for couples!

    Hey Guys, We are a professional couple in Chicago in our early 30's looking for d/d free like-minded couples to meet up with for drinks and possibly more. We would love to hear from you if you are interested and in the Chicago area!! Drop us a note.
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    Couple and best friend?

    What experiences do you guys have of a married couple and the guy's best male friend getting together? Does it end up in happiness or tears more often? Advice? Thoughts? Stories to share?
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    Chicago MF looking for a third

    Hello, We are a young, good-looking, nice, down to earth, professional couple in Chicago (very close to downtown) looking for a partner (M or F) to add to our family either on a casual or more serious basis. You would need to be d/d free and kind. We would love to hear from you if you're...
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    Polyandry - what do you think?

    Hey Guys, what is the general feeling here about polyandry in general? And even more than that, the idea of a woman having more than one boyfriend or a husband and a boyfriend? Do you think this is becoming more accepted in our society? Or is it something that is still taboo and "out there"? If...
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    Chicago couple looking for bi M or F

    Hi All, We are a young married couple new to Chicago looking for a bi m or bi f to complete our triad. We ate in our early 30s and he is dom and we're looking for a younger sub. We're both very nice people and professional so discretion is important since we're not out yet about being poly...
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    New 20's poly couple in Chicago!

    Hi Guys, We're a married couple probably moving to Chicago soon. We have heard that there's a great poly community there. Are there any women interested in meeting a nice couple in their late 20's? Or any bi men interested in the same? Would love to hear from you!