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    Dealing with Jealousy with new metamour

    Wiley - I understand that things feel overwhelming, I am new to this polyamory lifestyle as well, and have gone through the same feelings and emotions that you are having right now. Remember that this is a journey and that you are both on it. I try to focus on the kids, the house and work when...
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    Hello from Northern Colorado

    Unfortunately they were. So I am still looking but not actively looking. I find that when you are too eager to find somebody you end up compromising on what you are really looking for.
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    Hello from Northern Colorado

    Yes, I feel that I can be romantically involved with another. My dates have not been bad due to anything that I have done or for a lack of romantic availability. My last date decided to do drugs in the passenger seat of my car while I was driving, I am all for and support recreational use of...
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    Hello from Northern Colorado

    I have live in Colorado off and on since 2004, moved around being in the military, but I have lived here permanently since 1016.
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    New member saying Hi

    Hello MomMaria, glad to see you on here. I am also new to this forum, and only just starting to live and love the poly life. So you have a lot more experience and wisdom than I do in living poly. I would love to know more about how it was growing up in a poly community. My wife and I have...
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    Hello from Northern Colorado

    Hello, I'm Paul. I live in Northern Colorado, am married to the love of my life and we have an open/poly marriage. We have only been seeing other people for about a year, she has found a boyfriend and I have only had a few bad dates. We do swing together but we are really trying to play and...
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    Married couple MF open to MFM

    Interested in meeting new people Hello, I am married already but looking to date, we are poly and open and always interested in meeting new people. Where are you located? Let me know if you are interested in chatting sometime. Morningman34
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    Shout-out from Denver

    Yes Poly Denverites exist! Hello, My wife and I are poly and live North of Denver, we have met many people who are in the lifestyle and/or poly. Have you visited The Ranch yet? You will find many of us hanging out there. Feel free to ask me more if you are interested. Morningman34