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    getting emotional support for an unconventional living situation

    I'd just leave Violet out of the picture completely when you tell the story. "Eli has a new house, which is huge and amazing and I'm so happy for him, but also feeling disappointed, because it's still a long drive, and just thinking forward to all the commuting makes me feel exhausted"... should...
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    The journey to myself

    Not really, but I can't figure out why. Part of it certainly is that "these people" (insert people who aren't comforatable talking about sex, or people who aren't comfortable with emotions in general, or people who find kink disgusting, all summed up) will make it impossible to express that...
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    You know you're poly when...

    your metamour and her child go visit her parents, and you are surprised to miss them
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    The journey to myself

    A curfew at 21:00? Can't go for a walk in the evening? Our government is fucking kidding me.
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    The journey to myself

    Oops, guilty as charged! "Indecisive individuals are stuck in inner conflict: Consciously, they want to feel decisive, but unconsciously they are tempted or compelled to “know themselves” through self-doubt, uncertainty, and a sense of weakness."...
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    My ex-boyfriend dates my boyfriend. Please help!

    I suggest you do as much "parallel" poly as possible, where you don't meet your (now) metamour or listen to too much info. If the breakup is recent, it's worth going no-contact for a few weeks, and you could even ask B* if he's be willing to not talk about A in that period of time (although it...
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    The journey to myself

    A facebook friend of mine was kind of ... asking her friends to suspend bdsm debates around her and keep her out of bdsm-related posts, publicly on facebook. She's on my civil profile, which doesn't have any of that stuff, and we don't really come into in-person contact, so it's basically not...
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    Items that Don't Exist for Poly People

    This! :D
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    The journey to myself

    I'm not an artist by any means, but this is a personally important picture... here you go ;)
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    The journey to myself

    Possibly. I'm not an English native speaker and Czechia is a small market though.
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    The journey to myself

    Aside from that, my phd fluctuates wildly between hope and despair. The good news is, we are about to send a journal article. The bad news is, the theory in that article is shit. We haven't been able to come up with anything decent - just refute some first ideas. The good news is, if it's...
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    The journey to myself

    Czechia's covid record is getting bad fast now. That was to be expected, since nobody cared during the summer, and now schools reopened too, no precautions taken. Even the proposed 'reasonable compromise' of 'let kids wear face masks on corridors, but put them down in classroom' was postponed...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    The important thing is, it still loads fast ... I use this site as a test whether my connection is ok when facebook gets stuck ;)
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    Sorry about your photo's. I find the new layout and its functions not-so-different from the old one, so I'll get used to it. Although it doesn't look modern by any means, so I wonder what's the point of transferring something that looks (and probably is) 15 years out of date (which I didn't...
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    Buddha Dharma & Polyamory

    Cool ;) In my city, the poly community is not as big as to further divide into subcultures, but some people are certainly interested in all kinds of spirituality (ranging from buddhism to psychedelics). It comes with getting somewhat post-conventional in your thinking and searching for your own...
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    Wondering about myself

    I'd just like to add: Some people who are poly at heart are ok living in a monogamous arangement as long as they can talk about their crushes freely. However, it's way easier for their partners to provide a space for sharing these thoughts if they know that there's no intention to act. That...
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Uh-huh. Best of luck :( I also wonder what could have happened (like, did he decide to run off with someone else stealing your bank account access on the way?). Very sorry.
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    No-No-Notorious Notorious

    It seems to me you're having some issue with your husband's morality? Like, you're thinking: "It would be fair to tell the other person that you don't plan on having sex if you are going on vacation with them and they clearly expect it. I'd hate to be the other person. So inconsiderate." So he's...
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    COVID Breaking Me

    Awesome news! Hope it works :)
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    COVID Breaking Me

    Has he tried already to spend a whole hot work day in the mask? That can get rough on breathing. Even if you were not to break up and he were to move in, that's something that needs a real-life trial first. Sorry for being that ... practical ... I do feel for you.