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  1. Lucadaw

    joined before as acouple but guess im single now so a reintroduction i guess

    The title says it all. not been on here in........a long time so thought id say "hi im lucy" again before i just jump into anything lmao
  2. Lucadaw


    I already joined this site once with my partners but now i am single so its a very different ball game hah. Mostly i just chat on skype and books all day....listen to music. nothing very exciting, but im here and im on my own....for now.
  3. Lucadaw

    Leicester anyone?

    Leicester represent !
  4. Lucadaw

    what? no uk peeps

    Uk here me if you want....or not your boss lol
  5. Lucadaw

    Why and how did you get into poly?

    I read stuff here thats much more complicated than what me and the 2 girls seem to have (they are both 17) for a couple years weve just been a group of best friends that only ever have sex as a threesome. Not really sure how else to put it.
  6. Lucadaw

    Humor / Funny
  7. Lucadaw

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    its just a little bit of each of our names combined into one.
  8. Lucadaw

    What is the weirdest thing you think is hot?

    one of my partners has a thing about being choked and so on in a bedroom sense.
  9. Lucadaw

    Hi we guess.

    thank you very much !
  10. Lucadaw

    Hi we guess.

    Not sure if this place is more just a community or for seeking extras as we already have our full....FMF group as it were. Thought wed say hi anyway im not to keen on showing my face honestly but the girls didnt mind so hey have a photo~