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  1. Emm

    Having trouble with kink acceptance

    TL,DR: Any suggestions for how a mostly vanilla person can get over her gut reaction to the bruises her sadistic boyfriend causes to his masochistic play partner? ---------------------- My boyfriend of 8 years or so (the last 5 of which have been long distance) expressed an interest in tying...
  2. Emm

    Poly webcomic - Kimchee Cuddles

    How had I never come across the Kimchee Cuddles webcomic before??!? Someone posted a link on Facebook this morning, and I (eventually... I'm up to #400) thought I'd better share it here.
  3. Emm

    ⚠️ Important note on spam ⚠️

    For the last month or two, we've been getting a lot of spam with subject lines indicating that it may contain images of child abuse. Recently, a few of them have made it through the spam filters and onto the board in an unmoderated state. While we sweep for spam as often as we can, there is...
  4. Emm

    User Guidelines

    This forum was founded on the idea that communication, empathy, and the functional relationship skills so necessary for poly relationships should be fostered here. The primary rule of this board is for members to be considerate towards each other. Other guidelines for board members include (but...
  5. Emm

    Article: Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love

    Love doesn’t just come in pairs. Is it time that marriage laws come to recognise the fact? .
  6. Emm

    70,000 OkCupid Users Just Had Their Data Published

    OkCupid is an attractive site to gather data from. All thanks to clueless students and university ethics policies that haven't caught up with modern technology. You'd think "Violates terms of service" would be an automatic "No" when asking for research approval, but if not then "illegal here...
  7. Emm

    Western Australia Poly - Media Request

    This was forwarded through the Perth-Poly email list. I have no idea how poly-friendly the publication is likely to be, but I've left the links in at the bottom of the message so that anyone interested can look around make their own judgement on that.
  8. Emm

    Relationship Configurations

    There often seems to be a tendency for people new to poly—and sometimes old-timers as well—to see a particular relationship shape as The One True Way To Be Poly™. This then leads to communication problems when they assume that everyone else uses the same definitions that they do. There are...
  9. Emm

    The power of three

    For polyamorists, two's company, but adding one more is definitely not a crowd. Jacqueline Maley meets those enjoying relationships with multiple mutually consenting partners.
  10. Emm

    Confessions of a polygamist: A man's love for two sisters

    Perth man was faithful to his wife for 30 years Then he fell for her identical twin sister Now the three of them live together Story here.