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    Trinogamy - any successful Gay triads with advice?

    I see on the forums a lot of posts about polyamory where it is one person having intimate relationships with more than one person, but they do not have the same level of intimacy with one another, or at least not sexually. I am entering into a triad where all three of us are intimate, sometimes...
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    Coming in from the cold

    Hey all, new to the site, new to polyamory and looking for some friendly faces, shared stories, conversations, experiences, perhaps someone to vent with on occasion...anything that can provide insight into the poly world that I find myself entering into. A quick bit about my sit. I am a gay...
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    Considering Polyamory.

    Hello, all. I am slightly nervous to be here honestly, but I really feel I need to have a community in which I am able to share, learn and develop healthy tools for living in a poly relationship. I am a 42 year old gay male, recently out of a 12 year long relationship with one man. Prior to...