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    What would this even be considered?

    Over the years my ideal relationship has been an MFM or MMF with bisexual guys who are in a relationship with each other too. I’ve been told that it’s not really realistic and I’ve kind of felt hopeless as I had no idea of where to go to search for such a thing. I met two guys both online and...
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    Extremely exposing my personal pain but needing to know. (TRIGGER WARNING)

    I’m a bit scared to post office because I feel such a shame and I don’t want to be ridiculed. I’m talking to the sky that I really like and I really want to be intimate with but he brought up some thing that I never even thought about. He’s a First polyamorous individual that I’ve really talk to...
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    Here I am again

    So I posted back on December 7 saying that I was looking for dating sites as I started to explore getting into relationships that are polyamorous. I joined OkCupid and that hasn’t really turned out so well because still single but it’s not providing me what I’m looking for. So does anyone have...
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    Crazy Love

    I’ve always been an emotional woman and over the course of my life my emotions have gotten stronger. I feel deeply and I’m finally at a point in my life where I don’t feel guilty for that. Everyone has their own little struggles growing up and for me one of the only ways to cope was the tap in...
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    This is me

    Hey, I’m a 33 year old female from Oregon. I’m single & honestly new to the whole dating scene let alone poly relationships. I’m here to get more information about how to start my journey & any advice.
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    Advice on where to start when looking to date

    Hey all, I hope you are doing well. I’m new here and this is my first post. I’m on this site because I think it’s time I put myself out into the dating world but I’m wanting to find a poly relationship when it comes to finding people to date. I’m not looking for anything too extravagant just I...