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    Does your husband watch you make love with your younger “other husband”?
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    Help with recognizing my own toxic traits

    No, I have no desire to keep secrets from my wife. She explains, and I also feel, that total openness between us maintains the intimacy we have in our marriage. For us, total openness is a part of total trust. M’s boyfriend understands and accepts this.
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    Help with recognizing my own toxic traits

    What traits are “toxic” is subjective. My wife, M, is poly, and I’m mono. M has had a boyfriend, A, for over 4 years. From the beginning, M and I have always agreed that our marriage comes first, and that we will never have any secrets between us. As for A, the only reason his relationship with...
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    Genuinely Curious

    Perhaps you could just create another “sentient imaginary friend/extra personality” to be your OSO. There’s definitely an advantage to this. No worries about pregnancy, STIs, or even cheating. 😊
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    David and Lisa Intro

    Whose sister? Do you mean you’re into incest?
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    2 years in more then over due for a 2nd post

    I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em. 🤣
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    2 years in more then over due for a 2nd post

    Sounds like C is turning you into a cuckold. Watch out!
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    Changing relationship dynamic?

    Your marriage to your husband must always come first. If you cannot maintain your sexual relationship with both your husband and the secondary, then clearly you need to end the secondary relationship and focus on rebuilding the intimacy with your husband. Otherwise, you’re basically asking your...