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    When a Unicorn Plays in Other Pastures

    My husband and I were in a 6 month relationship with a 24 year old Unicorn. The relationship was great for the first few months. About 3 months into the relationship the situation came up that her room in the house she was staying at was being given to another person, so she was kinda kicked...
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    Work Situations

    I have been having some thoughts and concerns and wanted to bring them up here to ask about others experiences with this. I am writing to you because I dont know if this is jealousy (I don't think it is) or if it is my true internal safety mechanism that tells me things aren't a good idea...
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    Relieved therapist can still work out!! :)

    I had a very hard morning this morning after a number of days of anxiety about possibly having to end my relationship with my therapist (SuperShrink) (I want to make it clear I use relationship in the clinical sense here, I am not "in a relationship" with my shrink LOL) after 10 years of seeing...
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    Benn there, done that, dont know if I like it or not

    I am a 35 year old female who has been married for 15 years to her just out of high school sweetheart. When I met my husband I was in love at first sight. He has a bit of emotional baggage, as did I. ( I have childhood sexual abuse issues, so sex is a kinda iffy thing for me as it is) and a...