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    Okcupid: Does it work?

    I have been on a couple of months and its amusing, but not at all a resource for me to use as a dating tool..
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    Being The Secondary Partner

    I agree with everyone else, you should go now and learn the hard lesson here that some people get into poly for the wrong reasons, and that you deserve to have a wonderful girlfriend who wants you around always, who would never go days without talking to you, who isnt using you for some band aid...
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    Second date with man in open marriage

    she actually said she was both, she did not state anything in error. "I felt envy- I was jealous" "I felt jealous because I want a man to love me like that" both envy and jealousy, perfectly natural to feel and always useful in figuring out who you are as a person, whether mono or poly. lets...
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    Second date with man in open marriage even though you are not in a triad, this still applies (IMO) especially the part about how amazing it IS to have an established loving couple in your life!
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    Second date with man in open marriage

    If you already are jealous about this mans wonderful relationship with his wife, I would say you are not ready for an open relationship with him because the closer you get with him, the more you will be witness to their relationship and the more you will have these feelings and that is not fair...
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    It feels wrong.

    I have to agree, until you have actually spent time with this person,.....your relationship is still in the beginning phase...and you cannot question him adding another person to his life because you are not really fully in it as of yet. Texting/skype/emails/and letters are not a committed...
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    cold feet?

    "I really like you but you are moving too fast for me" why can't people just be honest. if it hurts her feelings? bye. do you want to be in a relationship who cannot emotionally handle adult feelings?
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    Unicorns & Unicorn Hunters - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    when you say "shame on you" to someone who is just trying to be open in a community, where otherwise I have slim pickings in my town (and by slim I mean I do not want to hang with them) . I take it personally. me saying we dated women who would be considered a "unicorn" by the poly...
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    Unicorns & Unicorn Hunters - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Hi, not sure if you even read my response...I do not think you did or you wouldnt have just misquoted me and then attempted to school me. maybe read more, react quicker less.
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    Unicorns & Unicorn Hunters - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    I despise the "unicorn" label. When we first realized that we as a couple wanted to explore polyamory....we encountered this label and laughed about it. As we got further into our emotional journey, spiritually figuring out what worked for us, what did not, who we wanted in our lives...we did...
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    Texting my metamour while we're together & other communication things

    communication is necessary for us in our triad. It is not fair for me to tell anyone not to text/chat/leave messages/send pictures just because I am feeling neglected. That is all me if I am feeling that. If I was in a mono relationship and texting my love, and someone said to me "you are...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    How did we learn about polyamory? It just kinda happened through the both of us exploring our sexuality with each other, recognizing that we both were looking at women and then discussing how that made us feel. We are both really open minded and are amazing communicators and we organically...
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    What are your rules?

    Always treat everyone with respect Never force anyone to do anything they do not want too Never tell anyone how to feel, how to act, or love Always realize that you are part of something bigger and its not all about you Feelings of hurt, does not mean someone hurt you Be responsible for yourself...
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    What do you tell other people?

    I just say "I have a husband and girlfriend" or "that is my girlfriend" and if they have follow up questions I answer. I do not however tell anyone any information that is above and beyond normal curiosity (i.e. sex, living arrangements, etc).
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    Maybe I'm Not Cut Out for This...

    They are supposed to develop a relationship away from you, they HAVE too or this is not going to work. This woman is not on a timer where she can only have him at a certain point, certain time of day, and only around you. using the "veto" is wrong, its unrealistic and its immature.
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    Marriage and Polyamory

    We would never have even approached being poly if it was not beneficial. our motto is "add not subtract". Its good for us for many reasons...of which I cannot really label. Its a process that is never ending, we are always learning about ourselves, and even during tough emotional times we find...
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    Just starting to explore

    You dont know if he has approached his coworker or not? You should know, first things first is communication and if you have zero idea if he is talking to her or more? than from the get go, its going to be difficult. Sit down, talk, talk some more, talk some more after that. You guys need to...
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    hello from north carolina

    How are you doing? do you get lonely too? what about your needs in this?
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    howdy all

    Jealousy is natural, not irrational. To refer to it as crazy is just suppressing your feelings which is never good in the long run. I have found that the key to unraveling jealous feelings, is to just talk about it..with everyone involved.
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    Cuddle parties!

    I believe everyone gives off energy, and I only allow people who I know to get that close to me, even just to cuddle. I cant let bad energy to seep in, even if its perceived as "harmless" touching.