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  1. nikkiana

    Change a Letter Game

    So basically, the game goes like this... We'll start with a word and then the next person posts a word that's one letter different, either by changing a letter, subtracting or adding a letter or is scrambled to be a different word.... For example.... Let's start with the word... home dome...
  2. nikkiana

    What do you do for fun & hobbies?

    So everybody... I was wondering... what sort of fun things do all of you do for hobbies when you're not posting here? How did you get into doing whatever it is you do?
  3. nikkiana

    If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere

    Despite however else anyone's using this Life Stories and Blogs section of the site, I've made the executive decision this is how I'm going to use it.... I hereby decree this thread my "journal" on this forum, so this is the thread you'll see me add life updates to and whatnot. Feel free to...
  4. nikkiana

    Is it possible to over-communicate?

    One of the things I really like about being polyamorous is the fact that to be able to maintain relationships with multiple people, you've got to use your communication skills... I suppose communication is essential in all relationships regardless of whether it's a poly one or not, but I know...
  5. nikkiana

    An update: How I got to NYC and the situation now.

    It's been awhile since I've been active on here so I figured maybe a status update to get me back into posting might be in order... I've gone through some crazy life changes in the past few months, it's so overwhelming and longwinded to talk about that I've often opted to just keep everything to...
  6. nikkiana

    What are the benefits to being in a poly relationship?

    One of the questions I seem to get asked a lot by non-poly friends after coming out to them is "What are the benefits of being in a polyamory relationship? What do you like about it?" and I think it's a good question so I figured I'd turn it over here... What do you like about being in a poly...
  7. nikkiana

    How "out" are you?

    For those of you who are currently in polyamorous relationships, how "out" are you to other people that you have more than one partner? Do you tell everybody? Only on a need to know basis? What's your criteria for sharing that sort of information?
  8. nikkiana

    Hi There!

    Hi there everyone! I'm Nikkiana. I'm a 25 year old bisexual female in a vee with two wonderful straight men. I make websites for rockstars for a living. I digital scrapbook and I knit. Looking forward to meeting all of you!