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  1. brainfreezy

    Denver open-invitation

    Hello Denver polys- As you may know, periwinklesunset and I are dipping our toes in the water, and learning about the poly lifestyle. Now that the weather is cooperating and we like what we're reading, we'd like to meet you all. We certainly don't have to do a convention-style mass-meeting...
  2. brainfreezy

    So... what do we do now? (long, our apologies)

    This reads like the long mushy confusion of a teenager but it pretty much captures how I feel and think... After a few weeks' learning through reading many poly threads about the practicality issues, the trust issues, the coming out issues, etc, we've decided to actually post a question: So...
  3. brainfreezy

    Hi! Great site! Glad to be here!

    Hello all! My wife (periwinklesunset) and I just joined after I stumbled across this site a few days ago. Most forums I just lurk and pass on, but this place is really great, and we just had to join. I'm glad to have found it! I'll post the long intro up in the personal summaries sticky...