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  1. JustChristine

    *runs by waving*

    *runs by waving*
  2. JustChristine

    Our First Poly Event

    At first I thought he was just "socially awkward guy" but then he was "let me whip your feet" guy. *shudder*
  3. JustChristine

    Our First Poly Event

    Sorry that you were already out of NYC by the time this rolled around... here's to the future!
  4. JustChristine

    Our First Poly Event

    Hmm... I don't believe there was any making out going on (well, at least not involving myself or JA!). Not that I feel compelled to defend my/our actions, though the tone of your response felt strangely accusatory and I'm not sure why. Heck, I kissed P on the forehead while we were sitting...
  5. JustChristine

    Our First Poly Event

    I was really REALLY happy that we went to this event... thanks Jon! JA and I had agreed beforehand, that if at any point either of us wanted to leave (because we were uncomfortable, or just ready to go), that we would. At one point, I was in tears... both because of an encounter with another...
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    The Avatar "scriptment" is here:
  7. JustChristine

    Excited and Nervous

    Thank goodness you're an extrovert, because I'm even more nervous than you are! I'm really excited (15 min til i get out of work, can't wait!), but new social situations always give me a bit of anxiety, so I'll be glad I'm not going alone. I'm not getting my hopes up too high that there will be...
  8. JustChristine

    Never introduced myself

    Welcome! :D
  9. JustChristine

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you! I can't wait to get to know people here on the forums a bit better :)
  10. JustChristine

    Hi Everyone

    I'm going to jump on your introduction instead of making my own, since C = me. :-D That is to say, Hi! I'm Christine, and JonnyAce here is my boyfriend <3 He's been reading bits and pieces of the forums to me and today I decided to take his advice and just join the forum myself. So, hello!