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    So my Deer and I have been together a few months. It has been a lot of fun, but also not terribly serious. We are really close and I love him, but I know this is not forever and we have discussed this is the past, its been a well known fact since the start of the relationship and I'm ok with...
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    Hey guys, I notice the majority of people on the site are American, but are there any people out there looking to do Poly meetings in Wales?
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    The Robin and The Butterfly

    Hiya guys, I know I'm still quite new and not posted much, but I've just started a blog about my experiences due to my Poly relationship and it would be great if I could have some poly-support from people!! please have a look!
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    Hello there!

    Hi, I'm littlegiggler, I'm a student in my early 20's and an currently seeing two people. I was introduced to Poly by my current girlfriend 4 months ago and have found out so much about myself since! I've found that this may be the lifestyle that I was made for as seeing my partners happy...