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  1. nicothoe

    Top Ten List

    For years, the wife and I had a top ten list; that is, a list of ten famous people if given the opportunity we would jump into bed with. It was the wife that introduced me to this game, long before we were open or had ever heard of the word polyamory. You can probably tell a lot about the...
  2. nicothoe

    Tea and Crumpet

    Tuesday is my regular date night with Writer, but this week, she was sick. A cold. We rescheduled for Thursday, in the hope she was feeling a little better. She wasn't. But I wanted to see her anyway, and I knew the feeling was mutual. We spent the evening chatting in her bedroom, ordered...
  3. nicothoe

    poly brit

    I'm a new member to the forum. Yay! I have been married close to 10 years, and poly for the past two and a half. The wife and I started out as a long distance relationship, before I finally took the plunge and moved to Chicago in 2002. From the beginning, we talked about the possibility of an...