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    Always learning...freeantigone's blog

    After choosing to actively pursue the poly lifestyle in July 2010, all sorts of things have happened already and we haven't even started being physical with people yet! (Warning, this could be a long one!) We've been through a lot as a couple in the last 8 years: debt, illness, stress...
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    Setting up dates for your partner

    Since deciding to actively explore poly after it sitting on the backburner for a year or two in various ways, my partner and I have encountered a problem. We've decided that to start off on equal footing and make the transition as simple as we can, we will not be physical with other partners...
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    Hello from the UK!

    Hi all! I'm a female poly vegan in a LTR with my male partner. We've just started down the poly path and have already bumped into a problem that may be common: as the female half of the primary I am having no trouble finding willing playmates; my partner however, is. He'll be joining this forum...