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  1. Chorillian

    Hello from TN

    She is monogamish lol. She hasn't really dated poly because she pours herself into a relationship like a helpless romantic, haha. She is open to it but not quite actively searching to find partners. We do have a good relationship, we were friends for years before we started dating so that helps...
  2. Chorillian

    Johnson City tn poly

    (M) I live close by, care to make a poly friend? I go to jc on weekends sometimes.
  3. Chorillian

    Hello from TN

    (M31) Hello there! I live in East TN, I live with a gf of mine. I'm not into hierarchies but we do rely on each other a lot cause we're renting a lovely home together. I've been in multiple relationships and am happily poly. Made an account and this post cause the small town South that I live in...