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  1. catbird

    i could ask who am i too!

    hey y'all! how y'all been? good to see you again, and i hope everyone has been happy and basically making love all over the place. you know, creating international incidents so the air national guard and the u.s. diplomatic corps have to be called in, just to deal with the romance.
  2. catbird

    hi again

    let me say hello after a long time. i got a new computer, didn't transfer all my passwords and could not remember my handle here. it's very nice to connect with y'all again!! :):)
  3. catbird

    Hello from Missouri

    I go by catbird, and have posted one thread already. The seniors here have been very nice and given great advice. Hugs to everyone.
  4. catbird

    Am I polyamorous?

    I'm not sure at all I belong here. My situation is my wife doesn't relate to me the way I need. She has a tendency to shut me out with book reading. This has been going on for seventeen years now. I try to love her the way she likes. I don't know that she 'gets' love. It reaches a point where...