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  1. greenearthal

    And then there was this music video, and all of a sudden

    I had a hunch that some folks here might appreciate this: amiright?
  2. greenearthal

    My Rap Name is Alex

    On Saturday I think me and my band performed in front of our largest audience to date. (Possibly second largest, but I'm guessing largest). This is the only photo we have that gives any indication of the crowd, and this angle just shows a small fraction. It was easily over a thousand people...
  3. greenearthal

    still polyamorous today. *nod* yep.

    is my current facebook status. Seems kinda strange to have the ability to just randomly mumble something to 600 people at once. Hopefully someone learned a new word. And I get to explain myself to fewer people going forward.
  4. greenearthal

    Link Posting

    Can I get a ruling on whether or not my website is commercial if I have things for sale but no one ever buys anything? :)
  5. greenearthal

    in/dependence and the word "need"

    I was at a show a while back and a young woman was singing. She was a very evocative singer, and I was trying to get into it and enjoy it all, but one of the songs she sang really pushed my buttons and it's been on my mind in the weeks since. The basic chorus included something along the...
  6. greenearthal

    Doing anything for halloween tonight?

    I will be playing music with my band in a little space where I'm anticipating there will be a LOT of people. Starts at 9. I'll probably start figuring out my costume at 7. I like to surprise myself.
  7. greenearthal

    Making a Link

    Making a link is SUPER easy. You can learn to use the little paper clip icon and that can help you make a link that says something in English while linking to something that's a web address. BUT It can be even easier than that. All you have to do is put in any valid web address and the...
  8. greenearthal

    New people...

    There are like a bajillion of you. Hello and welcome.
  9. greenearthal

    My writings

    So I've been an author since I could type (I wrote my first book at age 7 (an unofficial adaptation of the movie Star Wars (22 pages: illustrated))). And I write a LOT. A lot lot. I have been polyamorous for almost 6 years and I was in a relationship with a polyamorous woman for more than a...
  10. greenearthal


    I love love. Falling in love. Being in love. Staying in love. The appeal of New Relationship Energy is fairly simple and obvious, but personally, I really have a thing for comfortable settled relationships (Old Relationship Energy (ORE)). Something about another year ticking by on the...
  11. greenearthal

    the first time you met a significant other's other significant other

    Who has any interesting stories about the first time you met a significant other's other significant other? Tell it to us please.
  12. greenearthal

    Administrative Questions...

    I can't figure out where on the forum technical/administrative questions should go, so I'm posting them here. 1. I have written a couple books that have a recurring poly theme running through them. Would it be acceptable for me to post excerpts from my books here or would that be considered...
  13. greenearthal

    Imagine your ideal relationships.

    Even if it's just a description of the relationship you're in now. Try to imagine and articulate what would be nirvana for you. For fun.
  14. greenearthal

    Complete Mono to Complete Poly

    Still pretty new here and there are all kinds of personalities swimming about, not especially clear on who's who still and keeping track of people's stories and such. I can recall a few handles that have described themselves as always having been poly since their first romantic stirrings or a...
  15. greenearthal

    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    I think there are many, many unrequited love and lack of communication movies where either the whole movie could have been avoided or the ending could have been much better if someone could toss a polyamory grenade onto the set at a strategic point in the film. This is a thread for...
  16. greenearthal

    Beyond OKC.

    What is the general interest level in (and what are the rules regarding) posting links to other profiles on different social networking sites besides OKC? Seems, from people's taglines, like some folks would like to exchange their facebook profile (either privately or publicly) too.
  17. greenearthal

    I guess my summary also works as an introduction.

    If upon reading this (from over in the summary thread) you have any comments, please share.