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  1. Carma

    going from a V to an N -- do I have to??

    We were finally getting our MFM V settled -- my husband had worked through a lot of jealousy, we had established and agreed upon good boundaries, the NRE had calmed down, the men were comfortable with their friendship with one another. I was in my glory, really. But then Sundance struck up a...
  2. Carma


    I'm married and I have a boyfriend (Butch Cassidy) of 10 months. I've been encouraging Sundance (my husband) to find a girlfriend, too. He wasn't really thrilled about that - he only wanted me. He said he is mono, really. But I thought a girlfriend would help heal his wounded ego, and make him...
  3. Carma

    Steig Larsson's series

    Steig Larsson's novels have a poly relationship in them :) I just read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Great reads!
  4. Carma

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    It is our first poly Valentine's Day! My husband gave me a card this morning before he left for work. It was so sweet, and he signed it, "Enjoy the spice!" (Boyfriend coming over at noon today :) I have pink satin sheets on the bed!) I gave hubby a memory book, and I'm giving bf a Three...