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  1. ICanBeStunning

    Dealing with grief

    A month ago, an important member of my family died. My emotions since have been mixed. I'm struggling with the sadness I feel, and I am less interested in seeing or even talking to the partners I do have. My interest in physical intimacy is almost completely gone. Part of this is probably the...
  2. ICanBeStunning

    Finding Partners

    Apologies if this thread exists, but the search option isn't available for me. How do you go about finding compatible partners? Lately I've been mostly finding people who only seem to want me for sex. (I do talk to people who are in interested in me as a person, but they're often far, and out...
  3. ICanBeStunning

    How can this go wrong?

    Hi all, I just want to get some advice or perspectives on my poly situation. About five years ago I started a casual relationship with my married bf Bear. I had other partners at the time and didn't really consider him as anything more than a friend with mild benefits. It's long distance and I...
  4. ICanBeStunning

    Then and Now: My Journey to Poly

    I keep going back and forth on the idea of posting a blog-like thread. On the one hand, it might help my process, on the other... I think that I should suck it up and deal with my own stuff quietly; which means I won't deal with it. But I do want to talk about it, and I might appreciate some...
  5. ICanBeStunning

    Hi... I'm new here.

    Hi all I'm new to and wanted to say a quick hello. [I'm using an insufferable tablet, and will try to check for those, but my apologies if a few slip through.] I'm in my mid twenties, live an inch from NYC, and I'm prone to using hyperbole a little more than recommended.I love...