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  1. Castalia

    Unusual Celebrity Crushes

    I am rarely attracted to celebs but I do have a little crush on David Krumholtz in Numb3ers. Of course this probably due to the fact that he reminds me of Madscientist, they have similiar personalities and looks:D
  2. Castalia

    taking risks

    i have feelings for a friend of ours, he has feelings for me. neither of us have openly said this to each but everyone around us is aware of it. my neighbor even mentioned it. my partner C has been friends with H for twenty years, and C is fine/thrilled with the idea of H and i having a...
  3. Castalia

    i feel like an idiot

    so i just asked H if he'd like to go on a short trip with me, just a hang out kind of thing. he said yes after what felt like a really long pause(probably wasn't thou), then said let me think about it. ugh, that was painful and awkward, and the first time i've ever done anything like it. i'm...
  4. Castalia

    worst movie you've seen lately

    be it bad sci fi, monster movie or just a movie you expected more from, lets hear it :)
  5. Castalia

    a new me, hi all

    i've been hanging around the forum for about a month now and finally decided to jump in. :) long story short, you can call me cassy, its not my real name, i live in a really small town with an unusual name. no one really uses my given name, i always assume i'm in trouble if anyone does:p i'm...