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    Openness and other personality traits (link to personality test in thread)

    O 98% C 62,5 % E 40% A 70% N 33% What are those other 2% of me not being open? Weird. Great test though!
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    New and excited.

    Hey Neves, try to find a poly meetup close to where you live: Where I live they come together monthly, so I can advise to start there.
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    Poly-Friendly Pagans?

    Think I might be a little Pagan. I'm a pantheist, with an interest in spirituality, astrology and theosophy (mainly Itchasakti). There are some reoccurring placements and aspects in astrology that lean towards open/poly relationships.
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    Prostrate to Soul.

    In Pantheism everything is One. Nature, cosmos, science, religion, history, love etc etc. We all live in our own real-time videogame where we can make anyone our God when we feel like it.
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    Explorer with big ears. (Eyes?)

    As a person who needs ALOT of space I am shocked at how I'm not handling a long distance connection smoothly. Easy peasy I thought. Well... can't really recommend, especially when having NRE. After that, it's probably easier when you like your space.
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    Site voor communicatie met meisjes

    In het Engels of Nederlands? Deze al geprobeerd?
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    Known I was non-monogamous since teenager, but tried having mono relationships. Dabbled with one good open relationship which was a good experience and learning curve, where I was in a threesome with my partners friend and she became a very close friend to me too. Then one really toxic and bad...