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    New Poly Peeps

    Hi AcreoCrimsonstar, Happy to chat about the spiritual changes and that type of expansion. PM okay :)
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    What you listening to Now :

    High Off Love by Cannons
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    Welcome! I just joined recently and am really enjoying the openness of the community here. Enjoy :)

    Welcome! I just joined recently and am really enjoying the openness of the community here. Enjoy :)
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    Welcome to the group. I am new and have been enjoying learning new things. Pretty cool people as well :)
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    Learning about poly

    Welcome :)
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    New Poly Peeps

    This whole post made me smile, but this little gem in particular.... ooo, I got shivers. I never looked at it that way before. How often do we do things because we are conditioned to say yes or because we feel the guilt pulling us into doing what we don't want to. I've taken this to heart and...
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    Hello from England UK

    Hi M, Welcome to the group :) I'm new on here as well. So far I've found it to be a really open group, very supportive. I hope you find what you are looking for. ~CS
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    Inner Musings...

    New blog... my inner musings, things I've been thinking about, things I'm still exploring, maybe some day will include new adventures. For now, it's just a place I can roll around in the thoughts, in the questions, in the ideas. Today's musings: I've always been a serial-monogamist... until...
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    Friends and lovers

    I like what you said here about sex as a form of communication. It really is language when I think about it. I'm trying on this new idea in my life. Beautiful, closely connected friendships with the language of the heart and body :love:
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    Friends and lovers

    Beautiful... it feels like introducing characters and plot in a novel, so well written. Kinda want to read more and learn what happens next;)
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    New Poly Peeps

    Hi JaneQ, That sounds really delicious- the idea of decluttering your life so that you can focus on what you want. I can imagine that feels really good and balancing. I think I am doing that as well but hadn't really framed it that way to myself. I am taking stock of what is working, what isn't...
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    Is polyamory worth it

    Hi Faerum, I can't really speak to all that you wrote about but for the sake of opening up perspective... What I have observed and experienced is that sometimes it takes a while for someone to get used to a new idea. What might shock or offend them today, may be of interest to them at a...
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    New Poly Peeps

    I would love to connect with other poly people for friendship. My interests are self-love, personal growth, spiritual awakening and expansion, transformation. Also, love to chat about how poly has opened you up spiritually- if anyone is experiencing that type of thing. About me: Female...
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    Southwest Love Fest Virtual Conference

    Thanks for sharing about this. I didn't know there was a local poly event :) I missed this one but I signed up to learn about the one in Tucson 2023!
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    New to poly

    Thanks Kevin! I appreciate the welcome, as well as some direction on what to check out next :)
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    Openness and other personality traits (link to personality test in thread)

    O 100% C 71% E 33% A 92% N 48% Wish I could say this wasn't accurate, that's a lot more neuroticism than I would like. lol.
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    Your experiences

    I have experienced something similar, though the root cause could be different than my experience. For me, I found that I wasn't showing up enough in my life, wasn't able to be present. I wasn't choosing the things that could truly make me feel happy or content. I was going through the motions...
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    New to poly

    Thanks, good to be here :)
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    New to poly

    Thanks! Already feeling it :)
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    Hey friends!

    Hi Lizzie, All good points. I like that idea- a "safe space to explore my sexuality." I'm new to poly and am still sorting through how to feel good about connecting with someone other than partner. Welcome:) ~conscious spirit