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    metamour issues

    Thanks, all. nycindie-- that is a good suggestion, to try to talk to her. I'd never do that without talking to A first about it, though. It's scary and hard to think about having that kind of conversation, but it's worth considering.
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    metamour issues

    I don't know if I need advice, or just a place to vent. I've been married for 9 years, poly for 3, and with my current bf (A) for over two years. A's wife, B, is also married to another man, though they are long distance and will be for the next few years. They visit together a couple times a...
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    Just Venting...and maybe looking for advice

    Thanks for all the things to think about. And the laughs.
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    Just Venting...and maybe looking for advice

    That's a good question. I just wrote to him to tell him how I felt and part of it was saying that we needed to define some boundaries. We never really have sat down and said "this is acceptable," "this is not" beyond saying we would always treat one another with basic decency. To me, having...
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    Where are you from ?

    Married couple in Central Ohio. Looking for a female partner for him. 40s, professional.
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    how to best support my primary partner in an uneqaul playing field

    Been there. There now. I think Marcus has it right. My own DH once said to me that how he felt about my happiness with my BF was 100% independent of his feelings about not having someone himself. I support how I can. Sometimes by being a wingman at the local poly meetups, other times by...
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    Just Venting...and maybe looking for advice

    I'm 41 y.o. married woman, with a boyfriend, K, of about 18 months. We've been friends for years, and I'm friends with his wife, too. 3 or so times a month we have a night where my husband is out and K. can come over for some "us" time. We also go out upon occasion. K's wife, M., has another...
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    The story of a secondary...

    She sounds very much like someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Hot and cold, demanding, taking what you say and twisting it up to mean whatever she wants it to mean. I know several people with BPD and none of them have the requisite traits to be successfully poly, IMO. People with...
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    Central Ohio Couple

    Tried/trying OKCupid He's been on OKCupid for over a year. He's had a date or two with women who live some distance away, but nothing that really sparked. Mostly he gets silence. He'll write to many women -- not a random blast of generic stuff either, but something that shows he read her...
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    Central Ohio Couple

    Hi All, We're a professional couple in central Ohio. Both professional and fairly laid-back. I'm 40, he's 38. Began having an open marriage about 18 months ago. Unsurprisingly, I (the female half) found someone immediately (though that relationship didn't take) and found another someone...
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    New-ish to poly, and new to here

    Hi All, I'm a married poly woman, two kids, one husband, one boyfriend. DH and I have had an open marriage for about a year and a half now, and it still feels like we're trying to get the hang of it. We've tried the swinging thing a bit, and discovered that it really isn't for us. I love my...