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    Our First Poly Event

    JustChristine and I went to our first poly event last night. We had a wonderful time, and met some great people (except for the one creepy guy). it was scheduled to go from 7-11, we didn't leave until 1 a.m. :eek: We met a really cute, nice girl (P), and cuddled, and were affectionate with her...
  2. J

    Excited and Nervous

    Tomorrow night JustChristine, and myself will be going to our 1st poly event. It's a cocktail hour thing, and it seems like fun. I'm very excited, but absolutely nervous. I don't know if there will be people our age there, or if they're nice, but i'm generally an extrovert so i think i'll be ok...
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    Elizabeth Mitchell Poly?

    check this video out w/some of the cast of the new show "V" look for it at the 6:09 mark. :D i'm sorry if this seems like spam, but i promise it's not!
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    I don't know if help is needed

    So i've been thinking about this issue lately, and i honestly don't know if i can get advice,or if i just need to bounce this off you folks. I hope you don't mind. A few weeks ago i went to lunch with my mom, and we were discussing why my previous relationship ended. My mother had become good...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hey all, I've been lurking here for a while, replying to a few posts so i thought I would introduce myself finally. I'm JonnyAce, my gf is C, we live in NY. I'll post more about me (and us) in a later post. I'm glad to see this forum seems to be populated with such a great group of people. I...