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  1. Faerum

    Plur and poly

    I’m a little surprised by the comments I’ve gotten on various forums/Reddit. I made the mistake of equating the PLUR community with Poly. (A lot of people I knew did both) Anyways, I’m curious about whether or not anyone here goes to EDM concerts/etc. And if so, did you first hear about Poly...
  2. Faerum

    Is polyamory worth it

    Background: 25yr male, married(mono) to a 26f. For those of you who were married when you started talking to your partner about polyamory or anything involving another person/people. I've brought it up jokingly a few times and really only seriously once. I've gotten mixed responses and I'm...
  3. Faerum

    New and Figuring things out

    Hello all, I'm looking for advice that I'll make sure to search the forums for, but figured I'd at least post an introduction. Age: 25 Sex: Male H/W: 6/180 Status: Married State: Virginia Occupation: I.T. I recently moved to Virginia from Alaska right when Covid started and I've been lacking...