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  1. Thunderlizard

    BDSM jewlry etc.

    Also Kassie has been excellent with me, and she does custom work without adding a huge premium on.
  2. Thunderlizard

    Monthly Poly meet & greet Calgary Alberta

    CAPC Poly Meet'n'Greet With the same info as before, the October Meet'n'Greet should be Oct 6. Time, place, and "want to know more" info same as before.
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    Glossary and Definitions

    "Thirdvana"... that blissful feeling that Unicorn hunters get when their Unicorn finally comes to roost. The feeling of being cared about exponentially, and in that particular "different way" that's hard to describe if you haven't actually experienced it, that is shared among all members" Of...
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    advice for couple seeking third

    Ain't THAT the truth, Derby! I'm curious about this anthropologist thread, though.. if anyone finds it, can they pm me with it? I don't seem to be able to locate it, but I've only had a half of a coffee so far. EvRyNY, don't be discouraged, please. The search IS still worth it. Tala and I...
  5. Thunderlizard

    advice for couple seeking third

    The simplest thing you will need.. is patience. LOTS of patience. The dynamic you're looking for is very common. There's a reason those women who fit the description you're seeking are called Unicorns.. they're not all that common. (ok, maybe women with the right mindset aren't "uncommon", but...
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    Meet and Greets?

    Although it's true that the swingers' clubs might make some people uncomfortable, we have an "adult" club here in Calgary that's not open every day of the week... so they've started a Poly meet and greet on the first wednesday of the month. It's Poly people showing up for a Poly event, having...
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    Monthly Poly meet & greet Calgary Alberta

    Wow.. a small group last night, but we practically held a round table discussion on Polyamory in order to help out some people who are just starting to explore and had questions. Really rewarding time, and great hospitality. We're definitely going to be regulars to this monthly event. Next one...
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    How do you practice polyamory?

    Our theory is the same as yours... if the spouse, partner, or S.O. of a particular interest either isn't comfortable, or isn't happy with them dating one or both of us, it's a dead issue. We don't do DADT, cheating, or infidelity. Period.
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    Monthly Poly meet & greet Calgary Alberta

    Ariakas, I'm sure that if you wanted to attend, your "bc-ness" would be accepted :D
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    Monthly Poly meet & greet Calgary Alberta

    Ms Stacey and Superjast, you should know that your email links in that announcement are HTTP links, not "mailto" links! Just helpin.. or trying to...
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    R u male or female?????

    My wife has been poly for years, just never found the relationship that works with it until... she explained poly. It made sense to why I hadn't been terribly happy in previous relationships. Now me.. male/poly.
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    Bucket list

    -To visit Jamaica. the Cayman Islands, and scuba dive in both places. -To learn to scuba dive (maybe this should have been first?) -To take my wife on a totally spoiling, no holds barred, money's no object all-inclusive vacation for at least 2 weeks where we're not even allowed to acknowledge...
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    Find local friends and lovers Calgary

    Membership hasn't been exactly thru the roof, so I'm sorry, but.. *bump*
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    OKC in the house?

    Yes. and it does work.. not only did OKC reunite me, after 13 years, with the woman that is now my wife, it's provided us with some great friends, some lovers, and a new opportunity with folks we're meeting this weekend. We're there as "kinksters"... 3 years with a couple profile on a site that...
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    Monthly Poly meet & greet Calgary Alberta

    These keep happening on nights when I work, dammit. But I have heard reports that it was a great time. I'm promoting them on my site as well, in the calendar section, and I and friends intend to get out and support this event. Thanks to Ms. Stacey for providing this opportunity.
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    Poly Lessons We've Learned

    Some of the things that I have learned that have changed my life the most are things about myself. Since getting back together with tala, and for the first time trying it out living in an open, honest, truthful, trusting, and accepting environment, I've discovered just how much of myself I was...
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    Poly-Dating: How to meet like-minded people

    With regards to the original question... apparently, OKC does occasionally yield results.. we're meeting with a like-minded couple this weekend, because the woman and I have been talking, and there might be something there. (our spouses aren't interested in each other at this point, tala only...
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    How do you label youself?

    Hmm.. usually I dislike labels, but in the spirit of fun... (and in no real order) Husband Polyamorous Dominant Heteroflexible Pro-Gay (rights, etc) Manager Owner Lesbian in a man's body (not my words, but rather my wife's) O-su-su (sp?) (man who prefers the company of lesbians) bassist singer...
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    V, but my hinge is ... not... poly?

    Let me just levy my vote on the side of those who say DADT is not poly, and not just. And on the side of those who say that your lady needs to realize that she's had her cake and been eating it too for quite some time.. she's got to understand that you may have outside interests and, as long as...
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    Fetlife in the house!

    We can be found on FL too And OKC as well. As a matter of fact, OKC led to the meeting we're having with another couple Saturday. They sound like a lot of fun... *fingers crossed*