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  1. DrunkenPorcupine

    Granite State Friends Of Polyamory

    I've created a page for people who are poly, or friendly to poly, to show solidarity. This page is not intended for poly folks alone. Anyone in New Hampshire who is interested in polyamory for any reason is invited to join and be supportive. Best friend who is poly? Join. Interested in...
  2. DrunkenPorcupine

    Non-State Marriage And Sunset Provisions

    When a marriage contract expires due to a sunset provision, is there a term for that within the poly community? I'm a poly anarchist and for obvious reasons to both anarchists and poly folk, having a marriage without the state's involvement makes sense. One thing that my community has done is...
  3. DrunkenPorcupine

    Pet Peeves

    What are your pet peeves? What little irksome things do people do or situations arise that just grinds your gears?
  4. DrunkenPorcupine

    DrunkenPorcupine: Reflections and Stuph

    Okay, I'm not sure where I am going to take this, so please consider every post of mine on this forum to be a "work in progress" until I respond later and ammend it. I do hope to ammend it, rather than correct it. My journey, my relationships and the people I'm in love with aren't correctable...
  5. DrunkenPorcupine

    Facebook Friends

    What criteria do you use to add Facebook friends? I'm curious, especially after seeing so many "add me" signatures. :)
  6. DrunkenPorcupine


    I've been a lurker for a little while, but decided I'd hop in here and get to know folks and let them get to know me. I'm a fairly young male. I've been married for 6 years, and in the very beginning we had the monogamy talk. So while we've been monogamous for the past 6 years we both...