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    Happy Thanksgiving

    And a happy day to all wherever you may live. Leetah
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    "Polya" vs."poly"

    To save others from having to actually type in the search terms, here is an explanation. I don't know if it is still a thing or not, didn't look any further.
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    Polyamory on Jordan, Jesse Go!

    I was just checking out the Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcast (being a giant Judge John Hodgeman fan). The first episode I lit upon, 567, has a humorous discussion of polyamory from an outside perspective. Of course it is just part of a rambling humorous conversation but I am also a big fan of geeky...
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    Some worthwhile advice for newcomers

    This is a bit of a read but has useful cautions for people getting into non-monogamy. Mostly "Don't beat yourself up, or allow others to beat you up, if polyamory is not all milk and honey for you". Thirteen things I wish I’d learned before choosing non-monogamy- Leetah
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    John Hodgman rules on poly dating site (amusing)

    John Hodgman rules on poly dating site truth This is a bit from an old episode of his podcast. I have been working my way through the series because I believe John Hodgman is a guru of my tribe. If you are not familiar with Fake Internet Judge John Hodgman it will probably not be amusing...
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    Climate Change is Chappin' My...

    I know this will get no sympathy from those of you living through blizzards, but, temperatures in the 80's in MARCH?! I only just got around to taking down the reflective window covers because we had what passes nowadays as a cold spell! Now I have to dig them out and put them up again dag...
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    My Husband Now Wants Me To Knock

    This is me kvetching out about something which is bothering me. In the great scheme of things it is a small matter but if anyone can help me gain a better perspective on it that would be great. Tam and I have shared a bedroom since the '80's. Recently he said he needs a better sense of personal...
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    Metamour relations: Guilt vs Shame?

    In the blog section people have been writing about how they think and feel about any ethical duty they may have to consider the feelings of a metamour in a cheating situation. Some people feel guilty at the hint of their behavior hurting someone and others feel they have no obligation to someone...
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    Online dating tips from La Maupin- comic

    La Maupin was a famous 17th century bisexual opera singer, swordswoman and adventurer. Rejected Princesses is a fun website. http:// leetah
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    Boundaries In Relationships

    Some links on boundaries with researcher/author Brene Brown suggested by my awesome therapist: Leetah
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    BBC article on female (and male) desire

    Ooops! I assumed the series link would incude this one but I don't see it. So here it is. .This could be relevant to a number of current discussions. The article is part of a series...
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    Ancient Roman Poly Poem

    Someone may have posted this epitaph poem praising a polyamourous woman at some time in the past but I just came across it. It was written by one of the two lovers with whom she lived. Leetah
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    Help! Coping with his Anxiety is difficult!

    I know a number of people here suffer from anxiety and self esteem issues due to their life experiences and that they and their partners have worked out ways to cope with the various things that trigger their anxiety. I really need help knowing how to deal with someone with hair trigger anxiety...
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    National Coming Out Day

    A father's good advice to his son.
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    Shel Sliverstein on finding the person to complete you

    This seems relevant to many of the conversations about relationships. I don't know if it has been posted here recently. Shel Silverstein is nothing if not direct. Leetah (I found the link in this piece which is also interesting...
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    Long Distance to No Distance

    Rather than continue wading through the search results I have decided to just be lazy ask people for advice. My LDR of two years is going to be arriving within the next month or two and will be staying with my husband, two kids and I while he job hunts and saves up money for a deposit on his...
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    The Hinge is Pretty Mono

    Hello all, I am looking for some search help. The easy to find advice for monogamous people is to help them cope with a poly Significant Other. But I am probably the least poly of the three of us though both my husband and my SO have lived basically monogamous lives. Neither of them is...