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    Hello and glad to be here :)

    That's a wonderful story. Very heartwarming. My wife and I are in the beginnings of something similar but in our case there is Sammi and Mike. Sammi is very interested in my wife and totally interested in me. Mike has fallen head over heels for my wife (who is finally on here as of today). My...
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    Female looking for relationship

    Hi Grace, I also am seeking other loves and am happily married to my (also Poly) wife. If you are around send me a message and we can meet online and chat to test the waters. I will be checking back daily. Thank you for your time. Bard
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    Hello From Cincinnati

    Hi Marcus, Well in order for a couple like myself and my wife to know what your views and interests are, you gotta make it known. Sorry to hear you lost the one you were with. The post I made regarding my wife and I is under the thread "Greetings from Idaho". Could we be compatible? Who knows...
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    Greetings from Idaho

    Hello Folks, My name is George. My significant other is Sheryl. We are in our mid-50's and done with kids. It is now time for us. This is something we have been very interested in for the past 5 years. We seek another (either sex) for a permanent love bond for both of us. We are not looking for...