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  1. Fobwatch

    what? no uk peeps

    I'd try It focuses on the UK and has an anual Polyday meetup.
  2. Fobwatch

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    I guess its because I thought of the image from Doctor Who. I always loved clever mechanical things even as a child so what could be more interesting or intricate than a pocketwatch.
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    My Poly Social Network

    Just Signed up :) p.s. Think its perfectly appropriate to keep the site content non-adult. At least until a filter system is in place.
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    Polys not jealous?

    Usually when I experience jealousy I see it as more of a collection of emotions than as a single one. Sometimes my partner will be talking on a subject with somone that I cant contribute and I feel the dim one in the room. Or simply if Im at a loose end when my partner is spending her time...
  5. Fobwatch

    Poly and the Military

    Within the British military I havent heard of there being any mention. On an application at least Ive only seen any questions on whether there are any family members dependent on you. With sexuality at least it is considered an irrelevance :) One question I will ask is how military families...
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    Good evening/nos da

    Well surprisingly open I'd find. If you take polyamory to mean non-manogamous relationships some of which are at least more than casual/one night stand you still have a wide range of subsets to choose from.
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    Good evening/nos da

    Happy to welcome a fellow taff. The good thing about polyamory that it is a very wide thing so you can be any "type" of polyamorist you want.
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    what? no uk peeps

    Groups Is anyone aware of any poly groups or poly friendly groups social or otherwise in the Wales & West area?
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    Not really sure how I got here!!

    Ahh a fellow swan
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    Polyamory's Image Problem

    Im not sure but it seems in th UK poly is not so visible and not so visibly "other". It was only when I looked it up I went "I can be poly, I dont dye my hair like that." I guess the people who will be the most open and identifiable as poly will be the most counter to the cultre the same as...
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    Polyamory's Image Problem

    @Lemon Hear Hear.
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    what? no uk peeps

    Here too 1. Welsh guy in bristol at least.
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    Polyamory's Image Problem

    I am inclined to agree. Who controls the media varies wildely from country to country. In britain the BBC is dominant and has quite liberal matter of fact tendencies. Suffice to say even with more conservative groups present Fox News doesnt exist here.
  14. Fobwatch

    Labels -- I HATE them! Advice?

    useful This thread has been quite useful. Ive searched about a bit and find the same problems trying to think of ways to broach the subject to friends/those I may be interested in. Thanks, anything is always useful ^^
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    Trying to be sensitive to/understand my (probably)Mono partner's needs

    Unplug Hi completely new here so you may think "aaannndd who's this guy?" In refference to penny I do very much agree. In my relationship we agreed to allowing purely sexual relations as it was a LDR before moving on to most recently admitting were fine to having proper relationships just...