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  1. Al99

    should I be worried about being cuckold

    Hi mfmfantasy - this thread is from 2014, and the OP (original poster) hasn't been on the board since then. So, don't expect a reply. :) If you have specific thoughts or questions about how cucklolding/hotwifing/mfm threesomes, etc might relate to polyamory, you might want to start a new...
  2. Al99

    "Polysecure" by Jessica Fern

    Kevin, Just looking at your personal list (that you have read) - I have read all of those (on your list) and found them all helpful in different respects. "Ethical Slut" - I read both the second and third editions, but not the first. "Polyamory - Love Without Limits" - I read Deborah Anapol's...
  3. Al99

    "Polysecure" by Jessica Fern

    What is your recommended list, Kevin? I would be interested in seeing how it compares with my impressions. And to see if I have missed reading anything on your list.
  4. Al99

    "Polysecure" by Jessica Fern

    The book, Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy, by Jessica Fern happened to show up in my Amazon list of suggested books - not surprisingly as I've ordered the Kindle versions of a couple dozen or so poly-related books from them, but it's been a couple of years since I've...
  5. Al99

    FMF v. MFM disparity?

    By the time my wife, Becky, and her first poly boyfriend (Ben) broke up a couple of years ago, I had become comfortable enough with the idea of her having sex with other men to offer her the opportunity to fulfill her long time fantasy of an MFM threesome. We had opened up our mono marriage so...
  6. Al99

    Hello From Washington State

    There is also a significant poly presence in Spokane as well, if you are in that part of the state.
  7. Al99

    Valentines Day in London

    Interesting tidbit of info in the introductory pic (showing 3 glasses in as toast) - "Just 0.5 per cent of people identify as being in non-monogamous relationships" The statistics I've seen repeatedly in a lot of reading on the subject of CNM is that the number is in the 6-8% range, with up to...
  8. Al99

    Poly-Friendly Christians?

    You might find the article that I wrote sometime back on poly friendly churches helpful as well.
  9. Al99

    Unicorn hunters , “No Men”

    Yes, Kevin said it well in his reply. The public fantasy perception of poly - fostered by the mass media - is the FMF triad or V, when in reality this is among the rarest of poly configurations. Believing this perception, the adventurous couple that wants to add some spice to their marriage...
  10. Al99


    Welcome! Sounds like a happy poly family. :) Do your partners have other partners as well?
  11. Al99

    Poly-Friendly Christians?

    I had read this really informative article back when it was posted - and enjoyed reviewing it. Great resource for the forum. Thanks for posting! Al
  12. Al99

    Poly-Friendly Christians?

    Hi Mistresssapiosexual - I haven't been active on this forum lately (mostly due to pandemic related logistic issues), but I did write a "brief essay" on poly friendly churches and posted it here sometime back (I believe that I saw your "like" by it so you are probably familiar with it)...
  13. Al99

    Poly in anti-discrimination statements

    You might find this article helpful:
  14. Al99

    Spam getting worse...

    A belated thank you to the Admin and all the new moderators!
  15. Al99

    Article: Solo-Polyamory Could Change the Way You Think About Love

    This article seems to be making the rounds lately - my long distance partner just posted it to the poly FB group that she moderates - and I noticed it linked on three other poly FB groups that I monitor as well. So thought I would share it here as well. While it might be of particular interest...
  16. Al99 podcast interview with Tristan Taormino

    Another Poly PSA: Multiamory's most recent podcast is an interview with Tristan Taormino, author of the highly regarded poly text: Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships.
  17. Al99

    New Podcast on Polyamory Weekly

    Yeah - going political is a somewhat of a shift in Minx's podcast, although there have been plenty of political comments in previous episodes. Regardless, she does state that the podcast will remain poly-focused, albeit with more political comment. Polyamory Weekly goes back fifteen years and...
  18. Al99

    New Podcast on Polyamory Weekly

    Just a PSA for fans of the Polyamory Weekly podcast - After an 8 month hiatus, Cunning Minx has posted a new podcast - aptly entitled "Where the fuck have we been?".
  19. Al99

    How do I talk to my husband?

    Congrats on the successful conversation! Now that you've reached this point, do you hope to act on some of those crushes? Of course that would require another conversation that might be somewhat more difficult, but I do think you laid a solid foundation with this first conversation. Thanks...
  20. Al99

    polys in recovery?

    Hi 3908 - and a somewhat belated welcome to the Forum! In general, in AA-modeled 12 Step Groups (AA, NA, OA, etc), being poly would be a non-factor ("an outside issue" - see previous posts in this thread) just as sexual orientation or gender identification is irrelevant. It certainly would not...