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  1. choctaw103

    Wide Awake

    Wow...I admire and at the same time feel sorry for your jetset lifestyle at the moment. So much to do and so little time.
  2. choctaw103

    Wide Awake

    Label yourself human being and be done with it, I don't understand all the questioning on your blog when you freely admit to not knowing it all and trying to improve. Once again, good luck I hope you all come through it on the other side stronger and better for it all. I have personally been...
  3. choctaw103

    Advice on jealousy and fear?

    It sounds like you may need some help, if you are being told you are valued and that someone loves you but you can't help but fear something will go wrong, that would seem to be an internal problem. You have value and you are valued by the person you are seeing, by his own admission, so don't...
  4. choctaw103

    Wide Awake

    Wonderful, all of it. Good for both of you. I will say the only people who are truly incompatible are those who are unwilling to try and compromise.
  5. choctaw103

    What is the line between being selfish and communicating your needs?

    Isn't selfish kind of self imposed? I was an only child and I must actively decide not to be "selfish". From the time I was 7 until the time I was 16 I was effectively on my own, so do you fault someone who has had to self suffice for that long for having a hard time considering other people...
  6. choctaw103

    family problems

    I really don't understand what you are saying. Are you saying she is trying to gain custody? Because if that is the case, she has no chance, especially in illinois. You haven't abused the child and you haven't endangered said kid, so I wouldn't sweat it. Lifestyle choices do not equal loss of...
  7. choctaw103

    Matt's Thoughts

    Good luck on your talk, I hope things are able to be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.
  8. choctaw103

    Matt's Thoughts

    I can see where you would have concern with the "hypothetical" comment. I just don't know why the living arrangement thing was changed if there are all these issues still roiling. The only defense would be for you to contest after it was filed if it was done without your permission? I would...
  9. choctaw103

    Matt's Thoughts

    Ok, I guess the part I don't understand is who brought the document up and the imminent filing? While the fact it exists is interesting, I feel you are fretting over things that have not even been approached. Why not just mention it and ask if it was on anyone's mind? I just feel like you may...
  10. choctaw103

    Matt's Thoughts

    Well, as far as this document goes, I am not sure specifically what you are asking. The more important issue to me would be that if you are that wounded and still have this many issues with trust, that is what I think that should be the major focus. I have seen other trust situations, while...
  11. choctaw103

    Wide Awake

    Well, I must say, reading all this, from your perspective and from his, that you are very lucky to have him and not someone less understanding. Perhaps if you are craving more time with him, you could immerse yourself in what he does. I understand that you may not like all of his hobbies or...
  12. choctaw103

    Do the old rules apply?

    I don't think that for the most part that this is a problem in this day and age. Gender lines are pretty much a thing of the past. If someone interests you, why not? Also, if you think it is a fine option, wouldn't it tell you a bit about that person if they didn't?
  13. choctaw103

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    Quite simply because I am a good bit of this tribe of Native American.
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    Well Happy Happy Birthday!
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    What you listening to Now :

    Animal Collective-Centipede
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    Anyone who can empathize?

    I look at that sentence in another context. It seems more that OP is just isolated due to work schedule and other conflicts that make down time a rarity. The only thing I can think of is either a discussion with them and possibly asking for some concessions to your time constraints, or and I...
  17. choctaw103

    He flips out when we try to be alone together

    It all sounds passive agressive to me. Just my own view.
  18. choctaw103

    Loud Love Conference 5/31-6/2!

    I don't know if I missed it, is there a location listed?
  19. choctaw103

    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    Well at least if they responded in haiku, it would denote some intelligence.
  20. choctaw103

    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    I don't know what that one was even trying to say. You have a real winner there!