A moderst proposal


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A modest proposal

This came to me this morning, after a very late night of mulling - a polyamory teeshirt slogan which I feel encompasses the truth about the 'mess in progress' which is each individual and each relationship. Plus, seasonal for easter (or evolutionary, if easter's too non-darwinian for you). What do you think? :)

don't put
all your eggs
in one
basket case
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Eh? Tried to edit my post title, but it only changes in the current post, not for the thread title. Proof-readers always cock up their own spelling.

...and in case it's not immediately apparent, the point is that I'd be wearing the teeshirt, so I'm the first basket case on the list :).
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I like that slogan. It would make a great T-shirt. But I think some kind of drawing needs to go with it.


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I love it. It must have a picture and I would wear it. I'd wear both of them (Mess in Progress and the Don't put your eggs in one basket case), actually. :D

It takes many to love a lot, with a picture of a large family could be another or something more eloquently put. I really enjoy shirts with funny and/or witty sayings with or without pictures. :p


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Enjoy the Slogan

I have to admit that the catch phrase does hit the mark. As far as any possible pictures to do with it tho..

I am seeing either a clown juggling eggs with a few broken shells here and there...

A person in a straight jacket with a heart on their chest wearing the ol' arrow through the head hat and trying to juggle eggs with his feet..

Or worse yet just a picture of the goofiest person you can imaging frying an egg in a pan!

LOL I am sorry but the more I think the funnier it gets.. do not mind me. :D