A place to discuss Feminist Theory, Women's Law, and Sexual Differentiation Objectives


Hello again,

I am working on an educational model, based in pedagogical methods a form of new realist materialism (Constructivism) to modernize the free and open distribution of curricularized materials regarding Feminsim, Women's Law, and Sexual Differentiation. The many deeply rooted systemic issues, in part, stem from the fact that all of the high quality educational tools have been commoditized to a degree of inaccessability (in my eyes), and to Counter that I am starting a business based in the model described to bring that variety of material into popular culture. As a man, it is not my place to be speaking about problems I am not privy to, the pains, the psychology, etc. As a consequence of my lack of pointers, I cannot be commanding such a construction without those pointers.

The idea is that there are deeply rooted cultures within sex and the queerness of the world that heavily influence the propagation of life between sexes, and objectively, we need to identify when and where the critical milestones are for the young to be learning about capstone ideas. Genetic components. The right of women over their bodies. Historical struggles and movements. The need for women to be absolutely critical of political power moves. How to make institutionalized discourse impactful. Correcting oppressive narratives and injustices. The manifestation of problem dynamics in healthy relationships. Sexual respects as they pertain to attention dynamics. The philosophy of women on men.

It impossible to do alone. I don't know where to begin.

I was hoping for some core works that I could look to for citing source material to start.

This might not be the right place for that, but y'all are smart so I figured I'd ask.


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I started with The Female Eunuch (Greer) and The Feminine Mystique (Friedan).


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Hi Bariah,

I'm afraid I'm not much of an expert on feminist theory, women's law, and sexual differentiation objectives. I do consider myself a friend of women's rights, I think we sorely need more women in leadership positions and I hope against hope to see ERA passed in my lifetime. I am discouraged by the recent attacks on Roe versus Wade. I think if you take control of a woman's body to an extreme, you get the Handmaid's Tale.

I wish you the best in your endeavor.
Kevin T.