A video on coming out


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This is not specific to poly, anyway, a great overview of what to consider beforehand and how to come out

The only big area relevant to poly I don't see discussed in the video are the specifics or coming out to your spouse and weighing the impact a possible divorce could have on children - the dilemma between responsibility and being true that some folks face it they suspect that their news won't be received well. Unfortunately, there's no easy how to for that...
A good presentation ... I think that anyone preparing to come out, especially if they're agonizing over any part of the process, should watch this presentation.
It was interesting to watch this and have my son, who is 23 and came upstairs to get ready for work about a third of the way into the video, ask questions about what it was like to come out as polyamorous to my mom and my siblings (and later to my in-laws). I was grateful for the opportunity to talk to him about how I'd support him if there was something that he needed to tell me about, which we have discussed before but never in quite as concrete of a way, and to answer any questions he had for me, so thank you for the link Tinwen, I greatly appreciate it.