Alabama anyone?


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Anyone poly in Alabama want to meet up? My SO and I are in Montgomery. There's a kink group here, but a group specifically for poly people would be great. Even if it's just me treating you to coffee as you pass through town, let me know.


I'm from birmingham. New to the life. Hoping to find others to befriend, as they are hard to find in alabama
Yes, they can be. The best way to do it is to join a website called FetLife. It's a BDSM community and doesn't cost anything. Birmingham has lots of meetings and all sorts of great people show up.

If you're ever in Montgomery and want to talk about things, let me know in advance.

Hope you find what you're looking for.
Mobile, here. I think I'd be more likely to buy you a drink though. I avoid driving North if I can. It's amazing how much colder only 150 miles make. Come on down to the beach instead!
I'm game. Drinks are always fun. I get down to Mobile once in a blue moon as I have rental property down there.

The chance to make new friends is always great. :)
Florence/Double Springs

I'm more like a poly poser at this point. That is to say I am a member of a couple that is polyamorus, but we do not tell out parents, post it on out public Facebooks, and I have not started to date. We have talked about this for a year, and only commited recently. I'm amazed to even find people from Alabama. I currently am living in Double Springs for about a year and a half, but I claim Florence as my home and go there about once every week or two to see my finacee.

It would be awesome to meet more people in this area. It starts to feel hopeless around here. Every time I meet a cool woman she winds up being Baptist, or at the very least, socially aware of the small town we live in. Does anyone else find that this is a difficult place to be polyamorus? Don't get me wrong. I support people's right to religious freedom. I'm just saying that dating an engaged man would generally contradict the attitude of my local.

Glad to have you here, even if you are half a state away! I sent you a pm about it, but my mother grew up in your neck of the woods and it's great up there...except for the poly environment.

Are you a member of It's for the BDSM community, but honestly you'd be surprised how many kinky people are out there and it's the best way to meet other poly people. You don't have to be in the BDSM lifestyle to go or to meet new people and it doesn't cost anything.

There are gatherings where people meet for dinner, but it's not obvious that the group is kinky, so you won't get outed. And people wear normal clothing unless stated otherwise. It just seems like a get together for a hobby club. :)

You're absolutely right about how people turn up their noses at polyamorism around here, but the younger the crowd, the less that's a problem.

If you ever get down this way, we should hang out!

P.S. You're not a POSER. Stop denigrating yourself that way. You're in the club. See the bouncer for your hand stamp.
I'm not on fetlife yet. I'm not really a member of the BDSM community. I would worry about giving the wrong impression. I'll totally check into it though, even if just to meet cool people to talk to. It get's lonely in Double Springs and I generally crave communication of any kind.
You don't have to be BDSM to go. If it's like every other Fet group I've met, everyone is welcome. It just seems like the most probable group to find other poly people that I can think of in our state :)
We (husband and I as I am not on my own profile, yet) are a couple hours out. I just drove through the area before i hit a fun snow storm. There is a first for everything :eek:

hey there, new to the poly life and live near Montgomery. Always looking to meet new people in the lifestyle to chat with.
North Alabama

I'm near Huntsville and brand new to this whole thing. My wife (of 7 years) and I have just began discussing the possibility of opening our marriage. I would love to sit and chat with anyone who has had success.