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One bi-female and two straight males looking for the following ... Good, honest people wanting friendship and companionship, hoping for bonuses. Bonuses (of sexual nature) are certainly a plus, though not chiefly what we are looking for. Looking to connect. Please send a message or reply right here if you'd like to explore a bit.



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Looking to add a female to our relationship

Looking for a girl interested in a polyamorous relationship. Our summary: I (Robert am 42) works two jobs in culinary, I have a degree in advanced fitness and nutrition, medical administration and working towards my unique business in fitness to help those with mental illnesses. Her (Phoebe is 23), she loves the arts, museums, plays, all stuff creative. She is a romantic.

My (Robert) life is fitness and helping those to achieve their dreams by helping combat the mind. Her (Phoebe) love healthcare works as a home health aid going back to school to finish her RN. I am her to support her and make sure she achieves her dream.

I (Robert) typical male who loves martial arts, action movies. My favorite movies are marvel Comic, shows I watch are the walking dead, Once upon a time, Orange is the new black. I am a nutrition expert, music I love is 60s and 70s, I don't read.
Her (Phoebe) loves to read, she loves romantic movies loves Nicholas Sparks, she watches too many reality shows to count. Her music varies, loves country. Her food comes from her heritage of Serbian and is awesome.