And people say unicorns don't exist...


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Hehe :p

Found one.

And she's amazing.
I really just wanted to tell people.

Yesterday I, she, and my boyfriend watched Harry Potter together, cuddled, then went out for burgers holding hands together the whole way.

So yeah.


Congratulations. How long has this been going on?


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But said unicorn has been a lover of my boyfriend and interested/interacting with me for 6+ months.
I know, it's not crazy proof. Still excited though.


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As an addendum, I am not using unicorn to mean anything derogatory. She has just as much power and respect as either me or my boyfriend in our relationship.


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Unicorns exist. I don't think there was anyone saying they don't as in it never happens. Just that it's rare and doesn't last very long. Usually there is a struggle when two of the three start having stronger feelings for each other and the triad splits into a vee. Sometimes the woman that is new wants other relationships outside of the one she's in and then the definition of unicorn isn't valid any more.

Good luck to you all. :)


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Hrm, I've always considered poly Asian girls to be the unicorns.


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Unicorn is not synonymous with HBB.

If she has just as much power as you and your boyfriend, then she's not what we typically mean when we use the term unicorn.

But in the spirit of allowing people to label themselves however they want, as long as she agrees with your definition of unicorn, then go hard.